Thursday, 12 November 2015

Re-creating my website

By the end of the year I am working to have an updated website that showcases my work as a traditional painter but also more exploration into new digital medias in my artwork. I'm particularly interested in projection at the moment as well as augmented reality, 3d modelling and sensors to help customise the artworks to respond or be created by the viewers.

In this regard, the website I now need is quite different from the portfolio I created before. So I'm trying to relearn wordpress but apparently a lot of things have been added, streamlined and the whole Internet has changed tactics so new terminology has developed since I've been away painting.

Thankfully I am getting guidance in pulling the code and design of the website, so I am not totally lost. I am still working hard on my other projects as my website gets developed so I wanted to start a blog documenting these things as they happen. I know this will also help me when developing content for my website, plus at least this way the communities online that I'm connecting with will still have a way of contacting and fining out about my work!

Stay tuned for more updates!