Sunday, 29 November 2015

Nottingham Castle Take Over Day : Live Art Event

On Saturday 28th November I took part in Nottingham Castle's Illuminate Take Over day which was inspired by themes from the exhibition A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution that's currently on display there.

The event was part of the V&A Protest poster exhibition ‘A World to Win’ and invited people to question their thoughts, share creativity and find their voice through workshops, debates and live events.

A programme of music, poetry and talks will be running throughout the day, including poetry from The Mouthy Poets , music from Revolution House and indie band The Fleets,

Revolution inspired costumes from artist Salina Popova aaaaand...... Live V.J-ing from artist Laura Mossop!

For the V.J-ing (live art) I created protest processes, showing the audience how airbrushing glamour photos works, I took it to the extreme and airbrushed the face out entirely before recreating it. For the second set i created a support the NHS image by collating protester photos together and editing it into a poster.

My set up was my laptop, a wacom bamboo graphics tablet, Adobe photoshop , a basic projector and a white mdf board.I have created another blog post about the basic's of setting up V.J-ing if you're interested in reading more about my set ups here: Starting To Do V.J-ing or How To Set Up

What I've been enjoying about creating live art is that the final pieces aren't polished, because you don't have enough time. You can usually see part of the process in the unfinished sections which i'm finding quite interesting. It's also causing me to be more creative with how i'm using the programme and adapting my knowledge to get the quick results I need, even if that method isn't perfect. The final images have a interesting look by the end and a style that I wouldn't normally allow myself to achieve.