Thursday, 12 November 2015

Chinese Brushwork Demonstration Evening

QUAD Derby has been hosting 4 international artists from China to discuss a range of topics and arranged for them to show their work to local artists, as well as to do a Chinese brush demonstration. It was a fantastic night, very relxed and social which allowed the local artists to have a go at the traditional chinese painting style. I will try and get the correct spelling of the artists name but the organiser YanYan is the director of the 501 contemporary Art Centre in Chongqing.

It was very interesting to see what the artists at the 501 art centre were showcasing, the centre has 65 large studio spaces for artists to develop their work and to exhibit. Art residencies for overseas artists is encouraged and Yan Yan spoke to the group about the art residency opportunities available. It would be a fantastic opportunity but i was definately have to brush up on my mandarin...or learn anything other then thankyou (  xièxie which I end up pronouncing shayshay) ...i'm probably butching the only word I know. 

Below are some more photos that I captured on the evening, not the best but i ws more interested in having a go with the brushes then taking snapshots.